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My bot isn't working, no games will play and features do not work.
Trivia, KAOS, or UNO do not start, however other features do work.
While playing KAOS the bot did not recognize one of the answers I typed, I feel robbed!
After attempting to use the weather feature no action was taking and the bot froze.
We have a troll who keeps abusing our bots, turning games on and off.
PayPal says my monthly subscription was cancelled, why?
While playing KAOS, my scores got screwed up on two separate nicks (I.E. janedoe and JaneDoe)
I changed my room name, now the bot is missing, why?
My bot isn't talking to me or responses seems to lag, why?
I want to play UNO with the bot, but it won't join me, why?


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