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Help Desk

Welcome to the Help Desk, the place to look up commands and learn how to use them.

Trivia KAOS
UNO Hangman
Hunting & Fishing Blackjack
Hand Trivia Musical Chairs
RPG Dice Spin The Bottle
Twenty Questions Wild Truth or Dare
Lucky 777 - Casino Lucky Fruit - Casino
Board Game Dice Crack The Combination
ScRaMbLe Time Bomb
Paper-Scissor-Rock Acro
My Statistics Seen
Weather Horoscope
A.L.I.C.E User Greets
Part Message Action Responder
Answer Machine Bible
Last Said Hot Topics
Humor Match Maker
Random Facts Yawn Responder
Entertainment Plus Entertainment Triple
Birthday Service Entertainment
Bar N' Grill Talk Anonymously
Popups User Created Commands
8-Ball Magic
Murphy's Law Quotes
Words of Wisdom Decide
Giggles Random Talk
Internet Addict Street Fight
Entertainment 4 TC Profile
Chinese Zodiac  
Block Access Fix Chat Room
Control Panel Protection Package
Log My Room Controls/ !op & !deop
Room Greeter ADD Rooms
Bot Nick Changer  


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