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mIRC Directions

Version: 3.0 - mIRC-6.17
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
(Vista Users Need to Unblock Zip Files)

Please note TheBotCity is not affiliated with mIRC.com -  mIRC® is a registered trademark of mIRC Co. Ltd.

Note: We offer this mIRC free for download, however there is a 30 day trial, if you wish to keep using it, you should purchase a license by going to: Register mIRC - It's only a 1 time charge of $20.00.

Directions to Download (Directions may vary from the software and settings you use)

1. Click any mIRC on the page to download...

2. When prompt click 'save' - Select 'My Computer' then click 'Local Disk (C:)' then click 'Program Files' and click 'Save'.

3. After download is complete, go to 'Desk Top' click 'My Computer' open Local Disk (C:)

4. Locate the file 'BotCity-mIRC.zip' right click on it select 'Extract Here' it should create a folder 'BotCity-mIRC'

5. Open the folder and locate the mIRC icon, right click on it select 'Send To...' - select 'Desktop (Create Shortcut)'.

6. You may now close out of all windows open.

7. Click the mIRC icon on the desk top and follow these directions below..

Directions to connect to mIRC-6.17 on Talk City

Step 1:

Full Name: YourNick
Email Address: YourNick@talkcity.com (Yes please use @talkcity.com)
Nickname: YourNick
Alternative: YourNick_2
Click the image next to 'Connect to server' button..

Step 2:

Click 'Edit'..

Step 3:

Enter your Talk City Password..

Step 4:

Press Ok then click 'Connect To Server' - Room list should load, double click any room to join a room or type /join #roomname - Enjoy!


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