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Try our new mIRC client!
(Talk Citizen Basic plan is required for use on Talk City)
TheBotCity is not affiliated with Talk City / mIRC
  • Admin Panel, fully programmed with all Talk City shortcuts.
  • View Talk City Profiles.
  • Private Message, Allow/Block feature.
    (even add your friends to allow list!)
  • mp3 Player! Listen to music!
  • Call Alert. If you are in 2+ rooms and your name is mentioned where you aren't looking it'll send you a call with the message.
  • ..... and much more!

Four great designs to select from!

Basic! Displays Nicknames in <Nick> format.
(Edit own colors, call feature off - BEST if you play Trivia)
[Download] [Directions - A MUST READ!]
Original! Displays Nicknames in <Nick> format.
[Download] [Directions - A MUST READ!]
Banana! Displays Nicknames in Nick: format.
[Download] [Directions - A MUST READ!]
GirlyGirl! Displays Nicknames in Nick: format.
[Download] [Directions - A MUST READ!]


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