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Trivia, KAOS and UNO.


Hangman, Hunting & Fishing, Blackjack, Twenty Questions, Wild Truth or Dare, Lucky 777 - Casino, Lucky Fruit - Casino, Board Game Dice, Crack The Combination, ScRaMbLe, Time Bomb, Paper-Scissor-Rock, Spin The Bottle, Musical Chairs, Hand Trivia, My Statistics, Last Said, Seen, Weather, Horoscope, A.L.I.C.E, User Greets, Part Message, Action Responder, Answer Machine, Hot Topics, Humor, Match Maker, Random Facts, Yawn Responder, Birthday Service, Entertainment, Bar N' Grill, Talk Anonymously, Popups, User Created Commands, 8-Ball, Magic, Murphy's Law, Quotes, Words of Wisdom, Decide, Giggles, Random Talk, Internet Addict, Street Fight, TC Profile, Chinese Zodiac, Entertainment Plus, Entertainment Triple, and Entertainment 4.


Bot Nick Changer, ADD Rooms, Control Panel, Block Access, Controls/ !op & !deop, Fix Chat Room, Log My Room, Protection Package, and Room Greeter.
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Monthly Subscription: $18.00
3/Months: $48.00
6/Months: $80.00

Our 3/Month option saves you $6... Or Save $22 on 6/Months.

Most scripts are public and not for sale. Credit must remain intact on each script. You are paying us to host and manage your bot for you, no experience is necessary.   


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