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Bot Rental Eligibility: Customer must be over 18 years old and have ownership status of the channel on the Delphi Forums; IRC Network.
Bot Vendor Conflict Policy: If you already have a bot from another vendor or plan to get another one you must give us a warning so we can make sure there won't be any flooding issues. This can cause a major problem from server bans/ bandwidth usage to all bot vendors. Failure to give warning may result in removal of your bot.
Refund Policy: We have a 7 day refund policy on all transactions.
IRC Access Refund: Delphi Forums has a 7 day (Delphi Extra) IRC Access refund policy. You will be refunded the IRC access fee during the seven day period if you are dissatisfied. Bot Nickname and IRC Access will be released back to you if you decide not to renew.
IRC Access Reminder: It is the customers responsibility to track their Bot(s) and IRC Access expiration date(s). When registering, the easiest way to avoid a lapse in service is to set your plan on auto renew. If you choose to set a manual renew, please make a note of the due date and ensure you log into your account and pay for access prior to the expiration date.
Ownership of Bot: The room owner of the channel/chat room is the actual owner of the bot; if someone else pays for the bot such as a co-owner or chatter, we still view the room owner as the official owner. Per Delphi Forums Terms of Service only room owners can own a bot. Only the official room owner can request a bot be removed, not the "other" person that may have paid for it.
Making Any Changes: Only the room owner may authorize changes to the bot. The owner may assign this authorization to a co-owner or an op. To do this, the room owner must email us with that authorization.
Outage of Services: Please understand at times we might experience some downtime from (A) Upgrade Services, (B) Power/ Storm Outage, (C) Damaged Equipment, (D) ISP problems, or (E) Talk City connection issues. When this happens you will earn credit. Your business is important to us and we want to ensure you are getting your money's worth. We reserved the right to shut down the server from storms that could cause damage, this would including lighting/ strong winds. This will happen without any warning. You can email us to request credit.
Abuse of Bot: The room owner should take all steps necessary to prevent any abuse of the bot, this would include (A) Flooding commands at bot, (B) Using Foul Language towards A.L.I.C.E bot, and (C) Report those who set filthy greets.
Subscription Price Changes: The current monthly subscription price is good for 12 months. If the subscription prices change, you will need to re-sign up again.
Customization: You may request custom commands to be made for a fee. The commands must adhere to Delphi Forums Terms of Service (PG-13).
Closing or Renaming a Room: Please give 24-hour's notice before you close or rename a room so we can remove the bot. A fee applies to move a bot to the new named room.
Last Updated: 05/10/2012. We reserve the right to modify the Terms of Use at anytime.



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