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My Statistics by perpleXa

Ever wonder how many smiles, lines, letters and words you've typed? You lose stats if you've been gone for 24 hours, this helps keep them coming back to chat each day to fight for the number 1 spot in the top 10.

!mystats Show Your Stats!
!mystats <nick> Show Users Stats! (op use only)
!statstop10 Shows Top 10
!statstop10 smilies Shows Top 10 for Smilies
!statstop10 lines Shows Top 10 for Lines
!statstop10 letters Shows Top 10 for Letters
!statstop10 words Shows Top 10 for Words
VViLL: !mystats
xRobotx: [Statistics for VViLL] Typed 4440 lines, 25233 words and 103919 letters, containing 137 smilies. (Place Number: 21)


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