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Weather by incith:weather

Check current weather, forecast and astronomy.

.wz <zip-code> Displays Weather
.wzf <zip-code> Displays Forecast
.wza <zip-code> Displays Astronomy
  Use <city-country> for outside of USA
WiLL: .wz 19007
MyBot: Nick: WiLL. Weather For Location: Bristol, Pennsylvania. Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 17.2*F (-8.2*C). High/Low: Unavailable. Humidity: 59%. Windchill: 17*F (-8*C). Wind: Calm. Updated: 8:51 PM EST (January 23, 2011)

WiLL: .wzf 19007
MyBot: Nick: WiLL. Forecast For Location: Bristol, Pennsylvania. Monday: Partly Cloudy, 20/18*F (-6/-7*C). Tuesday: Mostly Cloudy, 38/27*F (3/-2*C). Wednesday: 80% Snow, 36/22*F (2/-5*C). Thursday: Partly Cloudy, 36/18*F (2/-7*C). Friday: Partly Cloudy, 32/16*F (0/-8*C). Updated: 8:52 PM EST (January 23, 2011)

WiLL: .wza 19007
MyBot: Nick: WiLL. Astronomy For Location: Bristol, Pennsylvania. Sunrise: 7:15 AM EST. Sunset: 5:07 PM EST. Moon: Waning Gibbous (77%). Moonrise: 10:05 PM EST (1/23). Moonset: 9:10 AM EST (1/23). Visible Light: 10h 50m. Daylight Length: 9h 51m. Tomorrow: 1m 52s longer

Works outside of USA:

WiLL: .wz London UK
MyBot: Nick: WiLL. Weather For Location: London, United Kingdom. Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Temperature: 45*F (7.2*C). High/Low: Unavailable. Humidity: 81%. Windchill: 17*F (-8*C). Wind: North at 7 MPH (11 KPH). Updated: 1:20 AM GMT (January 24, 2011)


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