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Horoscope / Chinese Zodiac by incith

Check Horoscope & Chinese Zodiac. Changes Daily.

!Aries !Rat
!Taurus !Ox
!Gemini !Tiger
!Cancer !Rabbit
!Leo !Dragon
!Virgo !Snake
!Libra !Horse
!Scorpio !Sheep
!Sagittarius !Monkey
!Capricorn !Rooster
!Aquarius !Dog
!Pisces !Pig
VViLL: !Gemini
xRobotx: Gemini: Things are getting more intense, though probably in a good way. You need to make sure that everyone involved is ready for the next step, whatever it may be. Communication is vital, as it often is.

VViLL: !sheep
xRobotx: Sheep: Today could be one of the best days that you've had in a while. At work, you may feel like you're finally getting ahead. Socially, you could find yourself in high demand, with lots of invitations for this evening and for the future. You may find yourself feeling on top of the world, and everyone could want to know your secret.


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