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UNO © by Marky

UNO is America's #1 Family Game.
(UNO® Card Game by, Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Commands: Max Players: 10
!uno Enables UNO
!stop Disables UNO
!unotop10 Shows Top 10
scores Resets Automatically Every Month
!clearuno Deletes ALL Scores (owner only)
!remove <nick> Resets Automatically Every Month
auto shut off Game shuts off after 2 un-played rounds
jo (or use): join Join in the Game
pl (or use): play Play a Card
dr (or use): draw Draw a Card
pa (or use): pass Pass to next Player
co (or use): color Color Pick/Change
ca (or use): cards Repeat your Cards
cd (or use): card Card in Play
tu (or use): turn Check who's turn it is
od (or use): order Check what order game is playing in
ct (or use): count Count Cards Left
st (or use): status Card status of game
ti (or use): time Shows Game Time
How to Use:
Q: How do I play a Draw Four?
A: pl w d 4 -or- play wild draw four

Q: How do I play a Green 6?
A: pl g 6 -or- play green 6

Q: How do I play a WILD?
A: pl w -or- play wild

Q: I played a WILD or DRAW FOUR how do I choose a color?
A: co blue -or- color blue

Q: I don't have a card to put down what do I do?
A: Type dr -or- draw if you still don't get one to put down type pa -or- pass to pass to next player

Q: How do I play a blue Reverse?
A: pl b r -or- play blue reverse

Q: How do I play a yellow Skip?
A: pl y s -or- play yellow skip

Q: Does everyone see my cards?
A: No your cards will be in PM (Private Message) with the bot

ChatterA: !uno
Bot: UNO [ChatterA!ChatterA@ChatterA]
Bot: UNO! v0.96.74tc (Talk City) by Marky
Bot: UNO! Join Now - You Have 30 Seconds
ChatterA: jo
Bot: ChatterA joins UNO!
ChatterB: jo
Bot: ChatterB joins UNO!
Bot: Welcome To UNO!
Bot: 2 Players This Round : ChatterA ChatterB
Bot: [ChatterA] Plays First : The Top Card Is Red 9
ChatterA: pl red 5
Bot: ChatterA plays Red 5 to ChatterB
ChatterB: pl blue 5
Bot: ChatterB plays Blue 5 to ChatterA
ChatterA: pl green 5
Bot: ChatterA plays Green 5 to ChatterB
ChatterB: pl green 9
Bot: ChatterB plays Green 9 to ChatterA
ChatterA: pl yellow 9
Bot: ChatterA plays Yellow 9 to ChatterB
ChatterB: pl yellow reverse
Bot: ChatterB plays Yellow Reverse to ChatterB
ChatterB: pl yellow 7
Bot: ChatterB plays Yellow 7 to ChatterA
ChatterA: pl yellow 4
Bot: ChatterA plays Yellow 4 to ChatterB
ChatterB: pl yellow 5
Bot: ChatterB plays Yellow 5 to ChatterA
ChatterA: dr
Bot: ChatterA drew a card
ChatterA: pa
Bot: ChatterA passes to ChatterB
ChatterB: pl wild draw four
Bot: ChatterB plays WILD Draw Four ChatterA draws four cards and is skipped - Choose a color ChatterB
Bot: says ChatterB Has Uno!
ChatterB: co blue
Bot: ChatterB chose Blue and play continues with ChatterB
ChatterB: pl blue 4
Bot: ChatterB plays Blue 4 and Wins UNO!
Bot: Card Totals
Bot: ChatterA WILD Red 9 Blue Draw Two Green Reverse Yellow Reverse WILD Yellow 3 Blue 6
Bot: ChatterB Broke The High Score Record And Gets 100 Bonus Prawns
Bot: ChatterB Won 278 Prawns In 3 minutes 1 second
Bot: Card Stats: Played:11 Pass/Draw Ratio:20.0% Skip/Rev:1 DrawCards:0 WildCards:1


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