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Entertainment by Joey

Old & Original Entertainment..

!sundae <who> <flavor> !coffee <who>
!coffee time !coffee
!coffee pot !coffee latte
!coffee espresso !coffee grounds
!coffee mocha !coffee decaf
!pepsi !coke <who> 
!snuggle <who> !tickle <who>
!coke !pepsi <who>
!order !order <food>
!orderfor <who> <food> !food-court
!beer <brand> !soda <brand>
!hot-tamales !m&m
!pay <amount> !tip <amount>
!1scoop <flavor> !2scoop <flavor> <flavor>
!split !sprinkles
!nuts !topping <flavor/candy>
  Fore more type !commands
VViLL: !coke
* ExtremeBot opens up a fresh can of coke and sets it in front of VViLL


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