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User Created Commands by VViLL

These commands and ideas have been submitted by the Talk City community. If you have any ideas for new commands, contact us.

!frenchkiss <who> !hug <who>
!kiss <who> !candy
!snack !meal <side-dish>
!bughug <who> !loveboat <who>
!faces <who> !lick <who>
!pounce <who> !cuddle <who>
!welcome <who> !ducttape <who>
!tequila !lock
!picture !peanutbutter
!mcd <who> !cannonball <who>
!rose <who> !nerfball <who>
!bubbles <who> !fish <who>
!pillow <who> !whine <who>
!earth <who> !drunk <who>
!mack <who> !tickle <who>
!dance <who> !lickcheek <who>
!wedgie <who> !eyes <who>
!greet <who> !grope <who>
!thwap <who> !spank <who>
!breakfast <who> !splash <who>
!towel <who> !lollipop <who>
!cowbell <who> !mic <who>
!guitar <who> !slap <who>
.tea .tea <who>
!bite <who> !snowball
!snowball <who> .hug <who>
!doh !doh <who>
!pinch <who> !bs <who>
!skittles <who> !2x4 <who>
!jolt <who> !nudge <who>
  For more type !commands
VViLL: !jolt Lisa
* xRobotx watches a jolt of electricity hit Lisa as VViLL sends love their way. :love: :love:


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