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Hunting & Fishing by Nerfbendr

Take a trip to the lake with Grampa/Bot, it's time to go hunting & fishing.

!hunt hunt Enables Hunting (goes in pm)
!cast fish Enables Fishing (goes in pm)
!trophy Show Trophy
!newrecord Reset Record (owner only)
Chatter: !hunt hunt
Bot: You hide in some bushes and wait for something to wander by...
Bot: You think you hear something and fire wildly in that direction...
Bot: Rats...you missed it, Chatter! Better luck next time!

Chatter: !cast fish
Bot: You cast your line into a Snow Bank and wait for a bite...
Bot: You feel a tug on your line and reel it in...
Bot: Congratulations, Chatter! You just caught yourself a 39 pound Herring!
Bot: Wow!!! That's a new record! Way to go, Chatter! Type !trophy to see it!

Chatter: !trophy
Bot: Chatter holds the fishing record when they caught a 39 pound Herring!


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