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Blackjack by tnz

Start with 500 coins and see how much you can make!

Commands: Max Players: 4
!new Enables Blackjack (goes in pm)
!bet <# of coins> Places a Bet (goes in pm)
!hit Take a Card (goes in pm)
!stay Don't take Card (goes in pm)
!done Exit Game (goes in pm)
!who Who's playing (goes in pm)
!card See Last Cards (goes in pm)
!score View High Scores (goes in pm)
auto shut off Auto shuts off on 5 minutes IDLE
!save <password> Save Game, Create a password (goes in pm)
!load <password> Load your saved Game (goes in pm)
Chatter: !new
Bot: Your COINS are 500.
Bot: To set BET, Type: !bet <amount>, number 1 .. 50
Chatter: !bet 10
Bot: You BET 10 COIN(s)
Bot: Your cards are 5 and 3 , Type: !stay or !hit
Chatter: !hit
Bot: Your third card is 2
Bot: Your cards are 5 3 2 = 10, My cards are 9 4 J = 23
Bot: You -WIN- 10, your COINS are 510 now


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