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Controls/ !op & !deop by VViLL

This tool is great if you want to control ops using the bot or only allow users you add to turn on and off any games.

Commands: Bot requires "Assistant Manager" status
!adduser <nick> Adds user to the bot (owner  only)
User must be in the room while you ADD them!!
!deluser <nick> Deletes user from the bot (owner  only)
!op Give Ops
!deop Takes Ops
CANNOT Deop you if you are "Owner or Asst Manger".
!userlist See who's added (owner  only)
!ban <nick> Bans a user
!kick <nick> Kicks a user for 10 minutes
!gag <nick> Gags a user
!ungag Removes a Gag
!unban <nick> Removes a Ban
!quietdelete <nick> Remove user in bots pm for privacy (owner  only)
!restartbot Makes the bot restart (owner  only)
Remember never adduser until the member is in the room with you. Spell their nick correctly, otherwise it won't work!


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