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Control Panel by VViLL

Room owners have full control to our admin controls. Should any problems occur you won't need to depend on us to be around.

!x Displays Controls
VViLL has joined the room.
BotCity: Administrator: VViLL. You are the administrator of BotCity. Type !x to see the control panel or !m to see a memorandum from staff :-)

VViLL: !x
BotCity: !update - Adds new features / changes.
BotCity: !restart - Resets memory / reduces lag.
BotCity: !die. - Use ONLY if bot ends up gagged +z.
BotCity: !ignore-help - Block a troll from using the bot.
BotCity: Help Desk: http://www.thebotcity.com / Live Help: #the.bot.city
BotCity: Contact: services@thebotcity.com


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