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Acro by Souperman

Create the funniest phrase and win votes.

Commands: Requires 3+ Players
!acro Enables Acro
/msg Bot ACRO <phrase> Enter your Phrase
/msg Bot VOTE <#> Vote for the funniest phrase by number
auto shut off Stops after 2 Games (request increase)
Bot: Round 1/2: The ACRO is: "OBR".
Bot: You have 60 seconds! /msg Bot: ACRO <your-phrase>
/msg Bot acro Our Bot Rocks!
Bot: Time's up! Here are the acros:
Bot: 1. Our Bot Rocks!
Bot: 2. Office Books Returned.
Bot: 3. Oh, Really Baby?
Bot: Let the voting begin! You have 60 seconds! /msg Bot: VOTE <number>
/msg Bot vote 1
Bot: Time's up! Here are the scores for this round:
Bot: 1. ChatterA 2
Bot: 2. ChatterB 0
Bot: 3. ChatterC 1


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