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ADD Rooms by VViLL

Own more than one room? Forget ordering another bot plan, simply have your main bot join up to 10 rooms you personally own and save big bucks!

WARNING: Only place the bot in rooms you personally own. Placing bots in friends rooms can result in the bot being banned by TalkCity staff since they do not allow bot/irc access sharing.

/msg BotNick enter #RoomName Joins a Room
/msg BotNick exit #RoomName Parts a Room
VViLL: /msg xRobotx enter #bugsbunny

xRobotx has joined #bugsbunny

VViLL: /msg xRobotx exit #bugsbunny

xRobotx has left #bugsbunny


NOTE: TRIVIA, KAOS, UNO and ACRO will only be set to run in the main room the bot was purchased for.


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